Traditional Hilot Massage.

Filipino Shamanic healing Massage therapy.

Hilot is a "Myotherapy" that heals and harmonizes electrical body congestion called ( PILAY ). The alignment of muscles, tendons, cartilages, and bones eliminates trigger points or irritable spots in the muscles, which causes a spasm. It is performed by putting in place and supporting the structures. Aligning the forces and the muscles allows the free flow of blood to increase and helps release pressure on the nerves. It also helps in faster-removing toxins in the body because of increased circulation and facilitates healing. 

We are starting from the Static energy field until the soul field of the receiver. And giving what your body needs at the very moment, pressure can be softer, and deeper tissue manipulation. Filipino shamanic/Holistic methodologies give the receiver new experience and new perception towards mind, body, and soul connection.

Cosmic Hilot Healing Massage.

Cosmic Hilot healing massage therapy, is the newly upgraded Hilot methodology created by "Hilario A. Robis" a ( Babaylan ) descendant of his  Grand Mother "Veronica Abihay" a respected Albularyo healer in her time in The Philippines. Cosmic Hilot healing massage is a combination of the traditional Filipino healing philosophy and methodology. with electromagnetic energy healing, and sound shower healing therapy. Using vibrational healing instruments such as Tuning forks, Tibetan singing bowls, overtone singing, chanting power words, and praying, brings back the individual to their natural state of calmness. By balancing the four elements of the body to bring back the harmony of the three faculties of humans. The Mind, Emotion, and the body. 


C.O.S.M.I.C. H.I.L.O.T. stands for




Sound & Soul,

Music Medicine,




Halaman - ( Herbals )

INIt         -  ( Intention + intuition )

Liwanag _ ( Light & Love )

Orasyon  - ( Oracion/ Power words )

Tubig      -  (Treatments ).