About Us

Hilotmaharlikan shamanic/holistic healing haven.

We are the first authentic shamanic/holistic healing haven in The Netherlands offering Filipino

shamanic healing arts of the Babaylan shaman of the Philippines. We offer Hilot massage treatments, sound healing, meditation, breathwork, and other spiritual practices to enhance excellent and harmonious health and vitality. We intend to share our wisdom and knowledge rooted in Filipino indigenous healing arts. Our team is built with extraordinary people who master their health and wellness, masters of their craft rooted in honesty, love, and compassion for themselves and others.  All of you are welcome in our healing haven: your pain, sadness, shame, guilt, anger, grief, and joy. And every visit and get a session with us will be a life-changing experience that will level up your perception of yourself, your health and wellness, and your perception of life. We value your privacy and personal space as we love and protect ourselves.

Our Team