Home Services:

We do home service of our ritual ceremonies and massages. You must make an appointment two days before the session via call only; service prices change if the session is for only one person or group service. Therefore we advise creating a group minimum of a two-person maximum of four persons. Except for the distance diagnostic ritual session, all our ritual ceremonies and massage can be home services.

                                                Reservation rules and Regulation:


Cancelation or re-scheduling of your home service appointment must be in one day's notice. In  Late notice, we require you to re-schedule your session or compensate us 50% of the session you reserved with us. Because we value time and effort to assist you, we also have enough time and space to give our attention to the other clients who need our services and assistance. We aim to build good connections and communication that will benefit our beloved clients and us honestly and sincerely. We kindly ask for your kind understanding of our rules and regulations.

Above the Clouds


Traditional Hilot:

60 minutes - Alone Session: €65

90 minutes -  Alone  Session: € 100

120 minutes -Alone Session: € 130

60 minutes -Group Session, per person: € 55

90 minutes - Group Session, per person: € 80

120 minutes - Group Session, per person: € 110 


Cosmic Hilot healing massage:

60 minutes - Alone Session: €80

90 minutes - Alone Session:  € 120

120 minutes - Alone Session:  € 150

60 minutes - Group Session, per person: €70

90 minutes - Group Session, per person:  € 90

120 minutes - Group Session, per person: € 120

Celestial Sounds Shower Healing:

60 minutes -Alone Session: € 80
60 minutes - Group of 2 persons, total € 120

60 minutes - Group of 3/4 persons, total €200

Ritual Ceremonies:

Ginger Ritual:

60 minutes - Alone Session: €60

60  minutes - Group Session 2  persons total: €100

60 minutes - Group Session 4 persons total:  €175

House Purification:

60 Minutes: ( The Hague Area ) €85

60 Minutes: ( Outside  The Hague ) €100 + Travel cost depends on transportation distance.

30 Minutes: ( Remote Session ) € 35

Let op! Free charge of travel costs in The Hague area. 

Outside The Hague is with travel cost charge depends on the train Ticket, or uber needed to reach your destination.

We will not bring the massage table for massages, the session will be on the floor, and we will need your mattress available at your home. Call us if you have more questions about the home service session.