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About Maine 

Therapist/Babaylan apprentice

Maine 7.jpg

I am Maine R. Maclaine. I was born in our beloved motherland, the Philippines, and grew up in The Netherlands at ten.

Since then, I have always wondered about my origin, and the Filipino culture. My journey guides me to find my people who speak our native tongue and my soul language.

It was a sad and painful experience that made me who I am today.

I may say that I am like a wounded healer or the “Chiron.” 



After breaking through my healing, rejuvenation, and resurrection, I am ready and enthusiastic to offer you my healing hands. I am grateful to be with my soul tribe to be able to pass on the light and be part of the HilotMaharlikan family, and to move and to rise as the Babaylan I am meant to be.


I look forward to assisting you to the best I can with respect, unconditional love, and care of the same quality as I take care of myself and my being.

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