Babaylan Lana oil:

This oil removes headaches and protects from colds, insect bites, stomachaches, and itchy skin—protection, moisturizer, and massage use. 


How to use:

If you feel nauseous, apply the Lana in your left and right temple, sit for a while, close your eyes, smell the oil, and just simply breathe and relax. If you have stomach pain, take cotton buds, put the oil inside your navel, put the Lana directly on the affected area for itchy and insects bite. Keep the oil in the dark place a room temperature. The longer the oil stays, the stronger it becomes with no expiration for external use only.



Freshly squeezed virgin coconut oil;

Rosemary leaves;




Jasmine flowers;

Chilli Peppers;



Palo santo;


Lana shamanic healing oil. 200ml.

€ 18,00Prijs