This salve is an all-purpose healing ointment for those who don’t like menthol feeling. Suitable for lip-balm, insects bites, muscle pain, cramps, stomach pain, women menstruation cramps, hemorrhoids, acne, and dry skin. It can be used for children from 3 years old above and for pregnant women.


How to use:

Apply the magic salve into parts of your body with pain or tension; use it as your lip balm with an excellent taste and smell of rosemary herb. If you plan to go into a forest or bushes, you may apply this to your skin to keep insects away from you. For rushes, dry skin, and insect bites, just simply apply them to the affected area of your skin. For women suffering from menstrual cramps, use on your stomach and under your navel and give a massage  into a clockwise circular motion gently. Applying the magic salve on your chest, back, and feet every night before going to bed will help boost your immune system, relax your body, and promote good sleep.



Freshly squeezed virgin coconut oil;

Rosemary leaves;




Jasmine flowers;

Chilli Peppers;


Palo santo;


Magic Herbal Salve. 20gms

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