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Wellness Massage

Ladies and gentlemen, friends, brothers and sisters.


Hello, greetings to you all, 

We are Hilario Robis from Philippines with indigenous Filipino shamanic healing arts and Terra Norihiro Terazawa from Japan with Intuitive healing massage/ Yuki practitioner.

We are starting a new massage practice with the emphasis on healing/wellness, and herewith we would like to cordially invite you to try a massage in our new salon "Rabten Jigme Ling Wellness Massage". 

We are happy to say with the generosity and kind acceptance of "Rabten Jigme Ling" ( Stationsweg 98, 2515 BR Den Haag) and we can start our practice at the very best spot for our vision.


Our vision is to promote the very root of this art- real healing massage, which most of the salons in the Netherlands neglect, and we aim to help you by using our unique abilities and knowledge from our ancestors/traditions through the healing massage.

Therefore, the main part of our goal is to help a person to restore to their natural state of being, what we call the calmness or inner peace of your whole being.


The practice will be open on October 1, 2020 from 10:00~ and we are looking forward to sharing our gifts to you.


Now, you may know that it is not easy for a new massage practice to gain new clients, especially with limited resources like we have.

Yet, our motivation and intention is huge, we want many people as possible to know about us and experience the practice.
That’s why we want to make a deal for all of us.


We would like to offer you a 50% discount on your first visit, and if you like it, (which we are sure you do!) we want you to invite your family, friends and person dear to you, to us in return.

If you bring one person; you will get 25% OFF, and 3 people; 50% OFF for your next session.  

And when the person whom you invite, comes, then they receive automatically 50% discount on their first visit.


This campaign will be from 1 Oct and end on 8 Oct (Thur), so we sincerely hope to see you during this opening campaign promotion!


We are still busy establishing our new website, so for more info, meantime, please see below, and for the booking:

please contact to the masseur of your preference: Hilario (06-8772-7472) or Terra (06-1959-7716)  


At your service,

Hilario Robis and Terra Norihiro Terazawa



House Rules:

1. This practice is with emphasis on restoring your wellness and draw your natural healing property.

This is how we Eastern people associates with every massage practice, it is not the place of temporary pleasure or relaxation, but place to work on the holistic elements of your whole being.

That means we do what it takes to help and guide you for the healing process, However, we are not able to point out what belongs to medical doctors field, therefore, we advise to go to the doctor on your responsibility, if/when necessary.) 


2. We want you to pay attention to your calmness. Please do allow yourself to come in time (10mins prior to the treatment), and take your time to focus and settle into yourself on the arrival.

For this sake, we do request to you to keep minimum communication(calm manner of talking) or quiet in our practice, 

This is for yourself, for the other customer, and also for the respect to the place. 


3.We find that clear understanding/ being aware of your situation is almost essential for your healing process and progressing further.

We are able to guide you by sharing the insight we have from you and give you a program/ practice that boost your restoring energy, physical, mental, and spiritual re-programming.

Surely it is up to your choice but we strongly recommend to take it together with your treatment.


Cosmic Hilot healing massage :

(see "What is Cosmic Hilot Healing Massage?") 

60 min- € 65

90 min-  € 80                                     

2hrs min- € 110  

Traditional Hilot healing massage:

60 min- € 55

90 min- € 75

Sound shower healing: 

(see "What is Sound Shower Healing?")


60 min 1 person - € 45

60 min 3 persons- € 65

Thai massage:

60 min - € 55                                           

90 min- € 80   



Intuitive massage :

60 min - € 55

90 min - € 80

Yuki energy session :   

 (see "What is Yuki?")


60 min - € 55

90 min - € 80


Intuitive massage + Yuki

60 min - € 65

90 min - € 90                       

( Optional )

All treatments exclude coaching, diet and exercises program. additional  € 15.


Contact: Hilario (06-8772-7472)

                     Terra (06-1959-7716)  

Opening Hours







Sun: Closed

Hilario Robis 

Babaylan (Filipino Shaman)  

My name is Hilario Robis  descendant of  my grand mother  Veronica Abihay a respected healer in the Philippines . And student of Maestra Nenet Ocson head of (" Vaigalan Babaylan shamanic community Philippines"). At the age of 17
I become certified reflexologist in Philippines and , i received Culture excellency award.
As my passion i started doing hilot healing massage at the young age of  14 years old i have Total 20 years experienced doing Hilot healing massage therapy.
In addition  i have  background in Thai medical massage therapy,  working a year  with Thai professionals practioners at Pakjira original Thai massage in The Hague The Netherlands.

I also have  background in  sound shower healing therapy , Filipino chiropractic manipulation , and  Electro magnetic energy cleansing and Balancing. My aim is to help others to feel their natural state of being what we call inner peace. 

Terra Norihiro Terazawa

Intuitive masseur, Yuki Practitioner  

My name is Terra and my background in massaging starts from my early childhood in Japan when I massaged my parents after long days of tough physical labour and with and eye on treating physical hardships and illnesses I had to go through later in my life. 

My experiences in massages are derived from the foundation of Japanese chiropractic, Shiatsu, Rolfing and 3 years of training in (Noguchi) Seitai in Germany, as well as exploring the idea of holistic approaches. 

My strength as a masseur is the understanding of hardships of a person reflected in the physical body. I developed the mutual perspectives of looking at the situation, both from a recipient and a practitioner, which enables me to see what is best to be done in the moment intuitively, both mentally and physically in order to bring the restorative awareness to your mind-body connection.

I see that the touch is like a conversation between two, and my emphasis is overall well-being of body-mind-spirit, so that you can safely shed your old skin. I wish you would find yourself new from the sessions we go through.


Rabten Jigme Ling Wellness Massage
in the premise of Rabten Jigme Ling(http://www.rabtenjigmeling.nl/)

Stationsweg 98, 2515 BR Den Haag

Contact: Hilario (06-8772-7472)

                     Terra (06-1959-7716)  

Hilot  Maharlikan

KvK-nummer: 72568690