What is Sound Shower Healing?

A method employ chanting, singing, drumming and using various instruments, to produce sounds, that bring forth change in the oxygen intake, to produce different metabolic rate. Using a specific mantras or prayers changes the breathing pattern, inducing entrophy and enthalpy in the system.Sounds with proper vibrational instruments like Tibetan bowls,tuning forks,Didgeridoo, are some examples of healing vibrational instruments,that can bring the person from Beta to Theta state of mind.In this process the person may experience Trance or lucid dreaming feeling while the Nervous system of the body is fixing itself,This healing method was used in the ancient time that now is coming back in our time that Science ( Quantum Physics) can explain how the Vibrations, frequency, and energy draw our human experieces of all aspects of our Being.


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Hilot  Maharlikan

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