What is Yuki(愉気)?

The word Yuki means "communication of Ki(氣), of vital energy."
Yuki is the instinctive gesture of putting our hands on the body and allowing us to feel the movement of life=Ki, which can be captured through breathing, temperature, tissue consistency, and so on. And Yuki is also about regaining and nurturing some capacity that belongs to us and that we all have.

Yuki allows our conscious to pay attention to the communication with our own spontaneous sensitivities through our hands.
The presence of the hands helps us to become aware of the state of the place where they are. Perceiving this state generates the internal need to increase the margin of movement if necessary, which in turn affects the central venous pressure as a whole.

In a very short way, Yuki might be very similar to “Reiki” in appearance, but you will feel an enormous difference on the body loosing up while receiving and a soft inner smile afterwards. 


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Hilot  Maharlikan

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