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We Promote Filipino Shamanic and Holistic healing arts methodology such as; massages, natural herbal remedies, meditation, and Sound shower healing. To assist all people who need and want to develop their physical, mental, and spiritual health and wellness through treatments and ritual ceremonies. We also give Hilot massage training workshops, energy, meditation, and breathwork training. We provide our natural self-made oils, ointments, Tea, and some natural herbal remedies to support ourselves and our client’s vitality.


We conduct private and group healing ritual re-treat ceremonies with Filipino shamanic integration traditional programs and other healing methodologies from different masters and healing practitioners. Let people know more about themselves, their connection to nature, and how to maintain their good health and achieve inner peace and harmony within themself and co-exist with other people and our society appropriately and in the discipline.



Hilario A. Robis from the Philippines, a ( Babaylan ) shaman. A descendant of his grandmother Veronica Abihay, a respected shamanic healer in the Philippines. Nenet Ocson and Yulysess Derojo of the Vaigalan Babaylan indigenous community in Ilo-Ilo Philippines also initiate him to be a legitimate Babaylan shaman, giving him authority to do shamanic healing into the highest level of practice.


He has been doing shamanic healing arts for 21 years, up to the present. He is a professional in assisting people in their physical, mental, and spiritual health and wellness journey of change and development. Traditional shamanic/holistic Filipino integration of training and healing by massages and herbal medication programs. 


In addition, Hilario A. Robis has a background in Thai medical massage therapy, working with Thai massage professionals and being trained by  Pakjira Nutong of Pakjira Thai massage salon, one of the best Thai massage salons in The Hague, the Netherlands. He is also involved in the Spiritual study of the Santo Daime, an Amazonian shamanic tradition of working with the sacred plant called the Ayahuasca ( the Vine of the Soul ). He developed the Cosmic Hilot Healing massage, a combination of Hilot massage, sound shower healing, and electromagnetic healing; a complete massage treatment may bring a person to feel their higher sense of calmness and inner peace again. He believes that all people have the unique natural ability to perform healing and self-healing by understanding human beings’ spiritual connection to nature and the cosmic alignment of the stars and planets in the cosmos. Through experiences, he learned that it is essential for us humans to learn and practice our spiritual awareness to be always at ease, balanced, and harmonious. And this is what he is sharing with everyone who visits Hilot Maharlikan Filipino shamanic and holistic retreat haven.


                                                                          "  Maestro & Maestra  Babaylan"   

    Nenita Ocson   & Ulysses Derojo,  The head of the Vaigalan Babaylan community, in Ilo-Ilo City The Philippines. They are the second teachers of Mr. Hilario Robis, after his grandmother Veronica Abihay. They are the ones who initiated him to become a Babaylan, and up to the present they are guiding and teaching him the way of Vaigalan Filipino shamanic healing arts. In a distance from the Philippines and here to The Netherlands they are working together as brothers & Sisters giving other people a helping hand using the shamanic healing arts of the Vaigalan Babaylan System and Hilotmaharlikan healing services.


                                                Babaylan Philosophy  to resolve conflict that causes disease:                                  


 Conflict causes tension or stress.

Tension or stress causes an imbalance of the four elements in the body, which is how disease happens. Conflicts are caused by interpersonal relationships-dictates of families, communities, social institutions, government, and religion, among others. On the other hand, medical science, educational institutions, government, and religion have managed conflict. It remains unresolved. Wars and misunderstandings continue to promise a better world, but competition is still continuous.  Babaylan (Filipino Shamans/healers) have their way of dealing with the conflict, which is tested and proven with their healing methodology and philosophy.  Our ancestor says:  

    ‘’Ang Babaylan ay manggagamot ng tao, hindi  lamang  ng sakit.’’  

  "The Babaylan cures the individual, not the disease." Unlike other methodology specializing in a sick organ and looking for an active material that destroys bacteria that they believe causes the disease of the organ, the Babaylan deals with the whole person, Physical, Mental and Spiritual aspects. In a Filipino indigenous integration, herbal medication, healing ritual ceremonies, Hilot Massage, "Lakbay sa diwa"( Meditation ), distance healing, sound shower healing, And self-mastery teachings.

Our Core Values:

  • Teamwork

  • Honesty

  • Sincerity

  • Compassion

  • Dedication

  • Consistency

  • Respect

  • Professionalism

  • Excellence


Manghihilot Trainee Testimonial.

The Hilot training is a different approach than the other massage I learned; the Filipino method is unique and new for me! I'm happy that I decided to join the training with Master Hilario.

" Mark S."

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Hilot  Maharlikan


Stille Veerkade 25 2512 BE Den Haag.

KvK-nummer: 72568690

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