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Hilotmaharlikan is promoting, reviving and sharing Filipino  indigenous shamanic  hilot healing massage therapy, and the cosmic hilot healing massage therapy by giving training workshops to any who likes to learn Filipino shamanic healing arts culture. We  teach individual the knowledge of  self healing, discipline of the health of the mind,body and spirit (self mastery)  and to give helping hand and heal  other people. 


(Conflict) causes tension or stress. Tension or stress causes imbalance of the four elements in the body and that is how disease happens. Conflicts are caused by interpersonal relationships, dictates of family, community, society, institutions, government and religion among others. On the other hand, medical science ,educational institutions, government and religion have been trying to manage the conflict. But  it remains unresolved. Wars are being ranged with the promise of a better world but conflict is still continuous.  Our babaylan however, have their own way of dealing with conflict and this is incorporated with their healing methodology that has been kept in secret and not well known to mainstream society.  

( The babaylan cures the individual, not the disease).

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Who is Babaylan

The Babaylan  


  Babaylan was one of the Four Pillars of the Philippines in ancient times, together with the tribe’s (DATU) or the tribal chief, The (BAGANI) or the warrior’s, and The (PANDAY) or the native technologist. The babaylan take care of the health and wellness of the tribe, They can also communicate to Spiritual realms to ask guidance from the spirits of their ancestors, elemental beings, Plants spirits, animal spirits and to the (BATHALA) or the GOD the supreme being taking care of the Balance of all that is . By this connection, the babaylan can receive teachings, warnings, medicines and reminders that the whole tribe must be always connected and follow the UNIVERSAL LAW and the NATURE LAW they are the mediator of the spiritual world and physical world.  Babaylan was the second head of the tribe next to the (Datu) or the tribal chief, the tribal chief is not making any decisions  without asking consent from the Babaylan. In ancient times Babaylan was a woman representing the power of the divine feminine energy, they are all focusing on their duty of the medicines, rituals, helping women to deliver their child and they are not trained in combat or fighting. Before the invaders  arrived in The Filipino land especially the spaniard to impose the Roman chatolic religion.The babaylan already knew and accepted the christ ( consciousness) and this was a mystical information from the spiritual world not all are aware of. When the invaders arrived most of the babaylan get killed because they are not trained in combat, to be able to keep the ancient healing knowledge of babaylan they must  start passing it to next generations. They start teaching the (Bagani) or the warriors  that was the start or the birth of the (Baylan) or man babaylan who dresses as a woman perform healing rituals to communicate to the spirit world and are able to fight in combat if necessary.

When the spaniard colonized the Philippines the baylan and babaylan was the first target of the the invasion because they have power in the tribe and the invaders saw that as a threat to their religion movement , they started to forbid the practice of babaylan and they tagged it a demonic work and it's forbidden by God, same how they forbid the  warriors art of combat of the Filipino’s called “Kali”.  The only way was to keep in hiding and to be in low profile movements, the warriors kept doing and practicing  the combat art by using their daily life routine such as farming they seemed doing their normal day but they keep practicing the art in this way the ‘Kali” Survive and now well known in the mainstream martial arts industry. But in the Babaylan and baylan situation they start to become low profile, not performing rituals but performing healing by the use of herbal medicines and massage ( Hilot) . The Spaniard didn't realize their movement and they allowed the use of herbal medicines and gave Hilot there where they called them The “Herbolario'' or the herbalist in english, this where the Albularyo word came from. Also the manghihilot  they are the well known spiritual healers or the alternative medicine practitioners of the Philippines in this time. But all the knowledge of the albularyo and manghihilot came from the babaylan. And their knowledge is limited unlike the real babaylan. If we level the awareness and understanding of the healing art  of the Albularyo,manghihilot and babaylan The manghihilot is in the level one they know the physical manipulation using Hilot or form of massage such as acupressure , ventusa or cupping, bone setting or chiropractic adjustment , more on the physical methodology like a therapist of the mainstream society. The second level is the albularyo the herbalist, albularyo know how to do hilot at the same time with the knowledge of herbal medicines and they can also perform rituals with a limited area of responsibilities and can use (Oracion)or prayer power words. Albularyo can work on the physical ,emotional and spiritual level but they cannot perform the rituals like exorcism ,cutting curses, do distance healing like the babaylan can do. The Babaylan is the higher level of practice and understanding of the universal law and nature law to be a babaylan one must be initiated by a grand master of the tribal lineage of one of the tribes in the Philippines or indeginous Philippines community, like The Vaigalan babaylan community  headed by “Nenet Ocson'' in Kalibo Aklan  Philippines.


A method employ chanting, singing, drumming and using various instruments, to produce sounds, that bring forth change in the oxygen intake, to produce different metabolic rate. Using a specific mantras or prayers changes the breathing pattern, inducing entrophy and enthalpy in the system.Sounds with proper vibrational instruments like Tibetan bowls,tuning forks,Didgeridoo, are some examples of healing vibrational instruments,that can bring the person from Beta to Theta state of mind.In this process the person may experience Trance or lucid dreaming feeling while the Nervous system of the body is fixing itself,This healing method was used in the ancient time that now is coming back in our time that Science ( Quantum Physics) can explain how the Vibrations, frequency, and energy draw our human experieces of all aspects of our Being.


What is Yuki(愉気)?
The word Yuki means "communication of Ki(氣), of vital energy."
Yuki is the instinctive gesture of putting our hands on the body and allowing us to feel the movement of life=Ki, which can be captured through breathing, temperature, tissue consistency, and so on. And Yuki is also about regaining and nurturing some capacity that belongs to us and that we all have.

Yuki allows our conscious to pay attention to the communication with our own spontaneous sensitivities through our hands.
The presence of the hands helps us to become aware of the state of the place where they are. Perceiving this state generates the internal need to increase the margin of movement if necessary, which in turn affects the central venous pressure as a whole.

In a very short way, Yuki might be very similar to “Reiki” in appearance, but you will feel an enormous difference on the body loosing up while receiving and a soft inner smile afterwards. 


Alligning and correcting of the spinal cord column by mechanical manipulation to allow the free flow of neurological energy to different parts of the body.
Chiropractic adjustments creates a 'cracking' sounds, because when the muscle and tendons move -synovial fluid releases gas, and forms a bubble, that gets snap and pops.


This is a process of laying of hands while praying and synchronized breathing of Albularyo, electricity is enhanced, electromagnetic force is generated and in turn ionisation is brought about on a bio-chemical level. The laying of hands on a specific areas of a body while silently praying redirects energy in a certain area of a body, for auric balancing and healing of the subtle bodies.


Cosmic Hilot healing massage :

60 min- € 65

90 min-  € 80                                      2hrs min- € 110  

Traditional Hilot healing massage:

60 min- € 55

90 min- € 75

Sound shower healing:

60 min 1 person - € 45

60 min 3 persons- € 65

Thai massage:

60 min - € 55                                           90 min- € 80   

Intuitive massage :

60 min - € 55

90 min - € 80

Yuki energy session :

60 min - € 55

90 min - € 80

Intuitive massage + Yuki

60 min - € 65

90 min - € 90                       

( Optional )

All treatments exclude coaching, diet and exercises program. additional  € 15.

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