Hilotmaharlikan is promoting Filipino indigenous hilot healing massage.
And the cosmic hilot healing massage therapy.
Cosmic hilot healing massage therapy is a combination of indigenous Filipino hilot healing massage and sound shower healing therapy.
Developed by the founder,owner and the therapist of HILOTMAHARLIKAN,
Mr.Hilario Robis. Descendant of he's grandmother Veronica Abihay,
A respected healer in the Philippines.
Hilario Robis is a certified reflexologist in Philippines and at the age of 17 he recieved Culture excellency award.
As he's passion he started hilot massage at the young age of  14 years old.
In addition Hilario Robis has background in Thai medical massage therapy,  working 0ne year  with thai professionals practioners at Pakjira original Thai massage in The Hague The Netherlands.And he also have  background in  sound shower healing therapy.


Healing experience with Hilot Maharlikan

What is Cosmic Hilot healing massage?

Cosmic Hilot massage is a new improved holistic healing massage therapy developed by Hilario Robis. Cosmic hilot healing massage therapy is a combination of indigenous Filipino Hilot massage, a  bio-mechanical body manipulation such as acupressure, chiropractic adjustment, body stretching ,deep tissue massage and sound shower healing therapy.
That removes mind and body stress, anxiety, depression ,migraine,tuning sleep cycle (insomnia ) ,boosting immune system, promote calmness and inner peace. Every session is a lessons for you to understand the three faculties of our being the mind ,body, and soul.



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Tuesday to Saturday from 10:00 to 20:30


Who is Albularyo?

Albularyo is came from the Spanish word Herbolario (herbalist in English). They were called Albularyo when Spanish arrived to  colonise in The Philippines, but before the colonization they were called the 'Babaylan'  The Filipino spiritual leader, a healer of the tribe or a shaman. Babaylan is one of the four Pilars of the Philippines,Together with The Tribe's (Datu) or the Tribal Chief, The (Bagani) or The warrior, and the (Panday) or The native technologist,The (babaylan) is taking care of the health and wellness of the tribe and they can communicate to the spiritual realms to ask guidance from the spirits to remind the tribe to stay connected to the Universal Law and The Nature Law.  Ang albularyo ay manggamot ng TAO at hindi lamang ng sakit sa katawan ( The albularyo is a healer of the man, not only the  physical illness). Albularyo specializes on bringing back the harmony of the  three  faculties of a man: The Mind,Emotions, and Action. The albularyo's  healing methodology is to balance and restore the harmony of the three faculties of man, and it's always starts from   inner to outer change . Change is a process of a methodology of Albularyo, That use bio-chemical, neuro electrical, electromagnetic field and bio-mechanical manipulation to restore man's wellbeing and to balance the four elements of the body, the fire ,water,earth,and air.



A method employ chanting, singing, drumming and using various instruments, to produce sounds, that bring forth change in the oxygen intake, to produce different metabolic rate. Using a specific mantras or prayers changes the breathing pattern, inducing entrophy and enthalpy in the system.Sounds with proper vibrational instruments like Tibetan bowls,tuning forks,Didgeridoo, are some examples of healing vibrational instruments,that can bring the person from Beta to Theta state of mind.In this process the person may experience Trance or lucid dreaming feeling while the Nervous system of the body is fixing itself,This healing method was used in the ancient time that now is coming back in our time that Science ( Quantum Physics) can explain how the Vibrations, frequency, and energy draw our human experieces of all aspects of our Being.


Alligning and correcting of the spinal cord column by mechanical manipulation to allow the free flow of neurological energy to different parts of the body.
Chiropractic adjustments creates a 'cracking' sounds, because when the muscle and tendons move -synovial fluid releases gas, and forms a bubble, that gets snap and pops.


This is a process of laying of hands while praying and synchronized breathing of Albularyo, electricity is enhanced, electromagnetic force is generated and in turn ionisation is brought about on a bio-chemical level. The laying of hands on a specific areas of a body while silently praying redirects energy in a certain area of a body, for auric balancing and healing of the subtle bodies.


Cosmic Hilot healing massage :

60 min- EUR 65

90 min-  EUR 85                                      120 min-EUR 110 

Traditional Hilot healing massage:

60 min- EUR 55

90 min- EUR 75

(Ventusa) Filipino cupping style:

60min- EUR 55                                      90min-EUR 80

Sound shower healing:

60 min 1 person - EUR 45

60 min 3 persons- EUR 65

Thai massage:

60 min - EUR 55                                   90 min - EUR 75                                     

Distance diagnosis: EUR 35

5 days  25 hours shamanic Hilot healing massage training workshop :EUR 600

: Self healing

:Exercises, body awareness movement

: Hilot 5 basic strokes with 20 techniques 

:meditation awareness breathing exercises

: one hour cosmic hilot healing massage session for you to feel and understand directly how the hilot methodology works.


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