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Hilotmaharlikan's website is only for Filipino shamanic massage training workshops. You may find all my healing massage services  @ " (massagedojo-jigme.com)" Together with a Japanese Master masseur, Terra Terazawa. Please click the link above .


Hilotmaharlikan promotes, revives, and shares Filipino indigenous shamanic Hilot healing massage therapy and the Cosmic Hilot healing massage therapy by giving training workshops to everyone who likes to learn Filipino shamanic healing arts culture. We teach the knowledge of self-healing, the discipline of health, the mind, body, and spirit (self-mastery), and how to give a helping hand to heal other people. 

What is Hilot? Hilot (Hee-lot) is an ancient Filipino art of healing. It uses bio-mechanical body manipulation and massage to bring back a person to their natural balance, although techniques differ from one practitioner to another. But It emerges from the shamanic tradition of the ancient Filipino healers the Babaylan. 

Hilot is a form of an intuitive massage treating Sprains, torn muscles dislocated bone joints, and broken bones that perform by the Babaylan, Manghihilot ( Filipino therapist), and the albularyo; Filipino native herbalist in a shamanic holistic approach.





Traditional Cosmic Hilot workshop Event.

 Manghihilot level 1 Massage  workshop details:

Hello Ladies and Gentlemen, I am Hilario A. Robis. I came from The Philippines, and I am here now in the Netherlands,  to share our indigenous healing art of Hilot healing massage. I learned it from my grandmother, who transfer the knowledge to me as our family shamanic healers lineage, I developed and upgrade techniques in my own way that were always based on our traditional methodology. I have a total of 21 years handling people in massage therapy using Filipino methodology. I am proudly present to you that we are now sharing our Hilot shamanic massage here and you don't need to travel to The Philippines to learn our Hilot Healing massage arts.

With or without previous experience is not required for our Manghihilot level 1 Hilot Healing  Massage training course. Whoever wants to join is welcome.

Total training hours: 28 hours for 4 days.

Once a week every Thursday from 9:00 to 16:00.

both periods are maximum for 6 persons only.

2nd session: October. 7, 14,21, 28, 2021, all Thursdays.

Early registration is only until September 15, 2021.


3d session:  December: 4, 11, 18, 25, 2021, all Thursdays.

Early registration is only until November 15, 2021. 

Workshop price:

Early bird:

€ 700 including btw.

Early bird 2nd session is valid until September 15, 2021. After that, we go back to the normal price.

Early bird 3rd session is valid until November 15, 2021. After that, we go back to the normal price.

Normal price:

€ 850 including Btw.

Registration fee: €200  After you pay the registration fee your slot is already secure.

Hilot Massage training Content:


Day 1.

*Activation of bladed healing hands & self-healing & guided meditation.

*The history of the (Babaylan) and the Filipino healing arts.

*Hilot healing massage concept.

*Init -Lamig ( hot-cold ) Thermal diagnostic.

*Banana leaves ( Diagnostic).

At the end of the day, you will learn how to use banana leaf and your hand how to scan the client's body to identify where you gonna need to focus, and which part of the body has the blockages or not in harmony.  How you do self-healing.


*Body and mind awareness motion and movement.

* Shamanic pulse reading.

*4 elements of the body, and its physical, mental, and spiritual manifestation introduced. 

*Cosmic Hilot human body chart:

*Body pressure point.

*5 Basic Cosmic Hilot strokes with 25 variations technique.

By the end of the day, you will learn about the programming of the body, how to be aware of all your movements, and the actual basic Hilot massage strokes.


*How to generate healing energy for another person.

*Familiarisation of the body  ( Daluyan ng Lakas ) Energy lines.

*Basic Electromagnetic energy, balancing, and manipulation.

Here are the actual Hilot massage front side and backside laying positions and how to balance the elements of the body using electromagnetic force manipulation.


*Whole-body Hilot sequences from foot to head and face.

*Back to front side Positions. ( For Family and business basic techniques).

* 1-hour massage from the master, to experience the art and understand it faster and clearer.

Here you will get the one-hour Hilot healing massage session, for you to feel and experience the effectiveness of the art and for your better understanding.

"This workshop schedule may change in the actual class, but you will have all the content after you finished the training course, with certification."

What will you receive when you complete our Massage workshop?


Once you successfully complete the Manghihilot level 1 training course you will receive a level one Manghihilot certification.

And you may start treating your loved ones or do go service in the business field of wellness massage and therapy.





                                                                                                                                                              Training venue:

                                                                                                                                               Stationsweg 98 2515 BR The Hague

                                                                                                                                                             The Netherlands.

                                                                                                                                             Inside Rabten Jigme Ling Tibetan  



To register, please take the time to fill out the information below.


Hilario Robis

Babaylan (Filipino Shaman)

My name is Hilario Robis descendant of my grandmother Veronica Abihay a respected healer in the Philippines. I am a student of Maestra Nenet Ocson, and Ulysess Derojo head of the Vaigalan Babaylan shamanic community in the Philippines. 

At the age of 17, I became a certified reflexologist in the Philippines and I received the Culture excellency award.

As my passion, I started handling family and friends at 12 years old, doing Hilot healing massage, and doing it outside my family tree professionally, at the age of  14 years old.  In a total of 20 years of experience doing Hilot healing massage therapy up to the present.

In addition, I have a background in Thai medical massage therapy,  working a year with Thai professionals practitioners at Pakjira original Thai massage in The Hague The Netherlands.

I also have a background in sound shower healing therapy, Filipino chiropractic manipulation,  Electromagnetic energy cleansing, and Balancing, distance healing, performing shamanic rituals and spiritual ceremonies.  I am the owner of HilotMaharlikan the first Filipino indigenous shamanic healing arts workshop in The Hague The Netherlands. 

                                                             Who is the Babaylan?


The Babaylan (Shaman Healers) of The Philippines.


Babaylan was one of the Four Pillars of the Philippines in ancient times, together with the tribe’s (DATU) or the tribal chief, The (BAGANI) or the warrior’s, and The (PANDAY) or the native technologist of The Philippines. The Babaylan taking care of the health and wellness of the tribe, They can also communicate to Spiritual realms to ask guidance from the spirits of their ancestors, elemental beings, Plants spirits, animal spirits, and to the (BATHALA) or the GOD the supreme being taking care of the Balance of all that is. By this connection, the Babaylan can receive teachings, warnings, medicines, and reminders that the whole tribe, must be always connected and follow the UNIVERSAL LAW and the NATURE LAW. They are the mediator of the spiritual world and physical world in the Philippines culture.


                                            " My Maestro & Maestra"   

    Nenet Ocson   & Ulysses Derojo,  The head of the Vaigalan Babaylan community, in Ilo-Ilo City The Philippines. They are my second teachers, after my grandmother Veronica Abihay. They are the ones who initiated me to become a Babaylan, and up to the present they are guiding and teaching me the way of Vaigalan Filipino shamanic healing arts. In a distance from the Philippines and here to The Netherlands we are working together as brothers & Sisters giving other people a helping hand using the shamanic healing arts of the Vaigalan Babaylan System and Hilotmaharlikan healing services.

                                         Shamanic Healing massage Workshop 

Would you like to learn to heal yourself using a Filipino self-mastery discipline? and learn the  Filipino ancient indigenous "Hilot" shamanic healing massage therapy?  Also to improve more your massage knowledge and bring it to a higher different level of your skills, and healing ability,  To help other people to feel their inner peace, remove, release stress and help others to resolve their physical, emotional, & Spiritual conflicts using your healing hands? This Workshop may be what you're searching for.


                                                        What is Conflict?


Conflict causes tension or stress.

Tension or stress causes an imbalance of the four elements in the body and that is how disease happens. Conflicts are caused by interpersonal relationships-dictates of families, communities, social institutions, government, and religion among others. On the other hand, medical science, educational institutions, government, and religion have been trying to manage conflict. It remains unresolved. Wars are being raged with the promise of a better world, but conflict is still continuous. Our Babaylan (Filipino Shamans/healers) however have their own way of dealing with the conflict and this is incorporated with their healing methodology.  Our ancestor says:   ‘’Ang Babaylan ay manggagamot ng tao, hindi  lamang  ng sakit.’’    (The Babaylan cures the individual, not the disease.) Unlike Western methodology that specializes in a sick organ and looks for an active material that destroys bacteria that they believe causes the disease of the organ, the Babaylan deals with the whole person, Physical, Mental and Spiritual aspects. And now HilotMaharlikan will start sharing the traditional  Hilot Healing massage system of  (Maestra Veronica Abihay ) The GrandMother and first teacher of Mr. Hilario A Robis of Hilot healing massage treatments.



                                       Online Workshop

_RWK9221 (2).jpg

                                      Electromagnetic Energy Healing.

 A private online lesson is possible, for group online lesson will be posted on Hilotmaharlikan Facebook page.

You will learn:

Activation of Bladed Healing hands.

Breathing exercises.


Devotional & Valuing practices.

Human Electromagnetic Field. 

5 Elements of the Human body.

Basic Distance healing.

Certification Electromagnetic Energy healer.

price: €200



An E-book copy of the Manghihilot basic guide for Filipino shamanic healing massage is available at Kindle Amazon E-Books. Click the link Or go to the kindle amazon website and put the country where you are. Www.Kindle.UK, or  U.S.A and search Manghihilot basic Guide for Filipino shamanic massage.



Pag-Luya  ( Distance healing ginger ritual ) €35

Hilot sa Matres ( Women Fertility Massage)  €65

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Manghihilot Trainee Testimonial.

The Hilot training is whole different approach than the other massage I learned, Filipino method is indeed unique and totally new for me! I'm happy that I decided to join the training with Master Hilario.

" Mark S."