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We offer Filipino Shamanic and Holistic healing arts methodology such as; massages, natural herbal remedies, meditation, and sound shower healing. We're here to assist people who need and want to develop their physical, mental, and spiritual health and wellness through treatments and ritual ceremonies. We also give Hilot massage training workshops, energy, meditation, and breathwork training. We provide our natural self-made oils, ointments, tea, and some natural herbal remedies to support ourselves and our client’s vitality.





We are here to guide you towards harmony 

We conduct private and group healing rituals, retreat ceremonies with Filipino shamanic integration, traditional programs, and other healing methodologies from different masters and healing practitioners.


We encourage people to explore themselves, their connection to nature, how to maintain their good health, and achieve inner peace and harmony within themselves - so one can co-exist with other people and our society in harmony. 

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The Hilot training is a different approach than the other massage techniques

I learned; the Filipino method is unique and new to me! I'm happy that I decided to join the training with Master Hilario.

- Mark S. 

Fantastic! I loved the training and I can practice the healing massage myself now too!! Hilario is a young but very wise man who teaches with the flow suits you! I Highly recommended 

- Fatima Akchar

I highly recommended this training. You expand on different levels! and the knowledge brought to you with so much love!     

- Sophie Van der Eijk 

Stille Veerkade 25 

Den Haag 

+31 687 72 74 72

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