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About Sophie

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Therapist/Babaylan apprentice

Founder The Messy Garden Club

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My name is Gloria Sophie van der Eijk. I am happy to introduce myself as one of the team members on Hilario’s crew.

My journey into spirituality started when I was a kid. I’ve always been curious about the miraculous ways life expresses itself to me and to explore its mystical side through learning about symbolism, fairytales, reading tarot, and listening to stories. I feel deeply inspired by nature and study her healing languages through herbs, flowers, and crystals.


As a 9th-generation granddaughter of Gabriela Silang and after my trip to the Philippines (2019), I felt the call to dive more into my Filipino roots. By becoming the first student of Mr. Robis, I’ve been able to root my practice, and I am still learning to embody my style as a certified Manghihilot.

In 2020 I became the founder and owner of The Messy Garden Club, where I do foraging walks with and knowledge shares about herbalism and self-healing in the urban city. Now that I am also a part of the Hilot Maharlikan team, I look forward to accompanying you in your healing journey through Hilot massage, sound healing, and space holding. Shine bright! Mabuhay!

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