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About Hilario 

Punong Babaylan (Head shaman)


A descendant of his grandmother Veronica Abihay, Hilario A. Robis is a respected shamanic healer in the Philippines.

Nenet Ocson and Yulysess Derojo of the Vaigalan Babaylan indigenous community in Ilo-Ilo also initiated him to be a legitimate Babaylan shaman, giving him authority to do shamanic healing into the highest level of practice.



Hilario has been doing shamanic healing arts for 21 years up to the present. He is a professional assisting people in their physical, mental, and spiritual health and wellness journey of change and development - guiding them through traditional shamanic/holistic Filipino integration of training,

healing massages and herbal medication programs. He is a teacher and initiator of the next shamans-to-be. 


Follow Hilario on instagram - @HilotMaharlikan 

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