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Ritual Ceremonies


Ginger Ritual

Ginger ritual is one of the primary and yet very effective cleansing rituals of the Babylan. The Ginger ritual is a cleansing ritual that requires focus, clear intentions, and complete trust between the Babaylan and the patient.

It will help the person feel lighter and at ease while self-growth happens. The Babaylan will perform this ritual personally or remotely in the distance. That will cut off some physical, emotional, and spiritual connections from the past: a person's ancestral traumas or personal traumas. And after the ritual, Mr. Hilario Robis will share new programs of practice and exercises to integrate the new awakened mind or perception of the person towards their self-love and different views of life. 


Celestial Sound Shower Healing

Celestial Sound Shower Healing,

It is a method that may employ chanting, Oracion, Singing, drumming, and healing vibrational instruments. For example, tuning forks, singing bowls, chimes, gongs, etc., produce sounds that change the oxygen intake to have different metabolic rates with guided meditation and breathing exercises.


"Breathing, bridge of Universal Energy."

To inhale and exhale naturally and freely, to move gently, to be alive, impart life, to manifest, to inspire, to pause, to regain breath, to utter quietly, to allow a person to rest from exertion or stress.


"The breath of life"

Breath is a life force that induces electromagnetic energy force (EMF). The conduit of the universal energy for the harmony of humans' three faculties serves the essential proportion of the body's four elements.

The entry point of emotions is air. Patterns of breathing affect our well-being. It triggers the section of different enzymes that are disturbed by emotions.


Notice that each feeling and emotion change our breathing pattern. When we are in meditation, our breathing is slow and blissful; In anger, Jealousy, and revenge, our breathing becomes fast and shallow. As this breathing pattern causes an imbalance in the air element, the quality of blood is affected, and the muscles tense, causing congestion that leads to disease.


Sacred Cacao Elixir Ceremony

In this ceremony, the participant will drink a beautiful Cacao elixir. Cacao is an ancient and wonderful plant medicine that surrounds the heart and helps the participant let go and surrender to its blissful and energizing treatment.


It isn't like other plant spirit medicines which push a participant; it is more of an invitation to open and heal.

This ceremony will then continue into a Shamanic Healing Ceremony, a Trance Dance Ceremony, or an Inner Dance Ceremony.

The difference between Cacao and other Amazonia plant spirits is that Cacao opens the door to the spirit world, both inwards into your deep inner world consciousness. This medicine is not pushy. It invites you to step through and start to open yourself up to begin your connection and relationship with this sacred plant and with yourself.


This medicine is an invitation/opportunity into the other world, an invitation to your inner world and healing, but it is gentle and nurturing. It is very empowering. Very gentle.


The Cacao gently encourages you into

your healing process and empowerment.

Cacao is a unifier. It helps remind us of unity. It is a heart opener; it unifies the group, the planet, and yourself. This beautiful medicine helps to clear out traumas, hurt, and anger and brings in the vibrations of forgiveness, compassion, self-love, and unconditional love.





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