Ginger Ritual:

Ginger ritual is one of the primary and yet very effective cleansing rituals of the Babylan. The Ginger ritual is a cleansing ritual that requires focus, clear intentions, and complete trust between the Babaylan and the patient.

It will help the person feel lighter and at ease while self-growth happens. The Babaylan will perform this ritual personally or remotely in the distance. That will cut off some physical, emotional, and spiritual connections from the past: a person's ancestral traumas or personal traumas. And after the ritual, Mr. Hilario Robis will share new programs of practice and exercises to integrate the new awakened mind or perception of the person towards their self-love and different views of life. 

Babaylan RemoteDiagnostic:

The Babaylan remote or distance diagnostic ritual for the physical, mental, and spiritual condition is will be done and performed from The Philippines to The Netherlands. With the Grandmasters of the Vaigalan Babayalan community,  Nenita Ocson and Ulyssess Derojo. They may see and know the person's issue in their health, either physical, mental, or spiritual disharmony. By This, it will be easier to trace the source of the problems; therefore, it would be much faster, which helps or medicine is necessary for the person.  Call or email us for more details about this ceremonial ritual. 





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