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Den Haag

Couple Relationship Retreat Ceremony.

#Self-healing #Ralationship-healing #Spiritualpractice #Mentalhealth

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Couple Relationship Retreat Ceremony.
Couple Relationship Retreat Ceremony.

Time and Location

18 mei 2024, 18:00 – 21:00

Den Haag, Stille Veerkade 25, 2512 BE Den Haag, Nederland

About the Event

🌟 Event Announcement! 🌟

What? Couple relationship retreat ceremony. When? March 30, 2024 • April 20, 2024 • May 18, 2024 • June 22, 2024 Where? Hilotmaharlikan, shamanic and holistic healing retreat center. 📍 Stillle Veerkade 25, 2512 BE Den Haag. Time: 18:00 to 21:00 Doors open at 17:30

For who? For new couples, married, unmarried, husband & wife, and LGBTQ couples.

Energy Exchange? €100 Per Couple (Each session) Early registration €90 Per Couple Whole retreat: €400 per couple (All four sessions) Early registration €350

Payment plans are available.

With healthy snacks 🥗 and herbal teas. ☕

Limited slots for 6 couples only.couples.

Bring your open mind and heart 💖, to learn wisdom and knowledge that will empower you to heal your inner wounds and nourish your relationship with your romantic partner. Bring comfortable and stretchable clothes (Yoga wear). 🧘‍♀️🧘‍♂️

🌹 Hello brothers and sisters, 🌹

Greetings to all new couples, married and unmarried romantic couples. We invite you into a special “Couple relationship retreat ceremony”. This is the first time that we will share with you some practices that you may do together as a couple to heal your inner wounds, traumas, and mental and emotional issues as a romantic couple.

Most couples are doing their best to make their romantic relationship with their partner. In all different ways and levels of expectations and obligations, that sometimes make your relationship go around in a certain physical, mental, and emotional loop that triggers you both in the process of being one. Two separate beings become one “inside a romantic love field”.

Sometimes it drains our energy to keep trying to solve some issues in our relationship or to maintain the spark that you both have had since the beginning of your romantic encounter. Without noticing we are starting to build unhealthy programs of attitudes toward ourselves. And romantic relationship sparks into low vibrations of coldness to your partner while you think and you convince yourself you're doing everything you can and it seems not working.

We as a couple understand you well in these feelings and experiences, But do not worry and keep your love and care for your partner and let us guide you and give you some new things, ideas, wisdom knowledge, and practices that will remind you the feeling of being in love with your partner and keep yourself inside the love field that you both created.

We will explore breathing exercises rooted in shamanic wisdom and methodology, voice activation, touch, massage, meditation, sadhu desk, and celestial sound shower healing. This retreat is designed to gently go to the deep integration of the body, mind, and soul.

To heal, rejuvenate, restore, and develop the spark of your relationship in all layers of being a romantic couple. Strengthen your spiritual connection to yourself and be always prepared and ready to hold your partner's hands in any realms or situations.

For sickness and in health, for better or for worse, till death do you part. Keep staying in love to the moon and back.

🌿 Facilitators: 🌿

Hello, This is Marina Tokare and Hilario A. Robis, we are a couple who came from different parts of the world. Marina came from Latvia and Hilario came from the Philippines, we will be Your guide into this couple's relationship retreat ceremony.

Our self-care, self-love, and self-mastery strengthen our relationship daily and help us grow together hand in hand. Our faith and trust in ourselves, in each other, and life give us beautiful experiences and learnings that we would like to share with you.

In a sacred ceremonial set and settings of our studies and exploration of our body, mind, soul, and consciousness. By combining our expertise and experiences in self-mastery and discipline, we will dive deep into our being to assist some traumas, and unpleasant memories within us to transform and be free.

To heal ourselves, and be intimately available to accompany your partner in his and her self-growth. And let the relationship grow naturally inside the love field.


This retreat has four levels of integration that will give wisdom and knowledge to both sides of the couple. The main goal is to let both individuals see and understand their process of healing and becoming rather than focusing on fixing the relationship and working so hard that makes both feel trapped and obligated instead of enjoying the benefits of having a partner.

We will study how the body, mind, and emotions work within us and how to harmonize in peace. To make our being stable and calm to let the life flow within and outside ourselves. Knowing ourselves allows us to know other people.

One of the best gifts in life is to have a romantic partner around us that directly mirrors some part of us we need to develop or change that we cannot see or identify ourselves alone. Together with your partner, we will guide you through the four levels of the integration process.

4 levels of integration:

  • Cleansing.
  • Downloading.
  • Protection.
  • Love ritual.

At every ceremony, we will focus on cleansing our body, mind, and soul. By recognizing some parts of us that we cannot easily see and our partner does. Together we will guide you both on how to assist yourself and your partner in the emotional release and expressions.

We will explore different kinds of breathing techniques to make your body and mind prepared and ready and be in the moment of transformation. Body work such as partner stretching will allow you to restore the balance and harmony of yourself and your relationship.

Accompanying each other with sincere trust and faith having the experience of transformation together at the same time. Then we will continue in voice cleansing, meaning to cleanse ourselves by voicing out our pain, complaints, desire, and shame that we keep to ourselves.

While others learn to listen, and be available physically mentally, and emotionally present in every moment. We will sing the mantra together to help and assist the unpleasant emotions and memories to transform and be out our your system.

After that, we will explore the healing power of touch and massage to reset the muscle memories that hold unpleasant emotions and memories. Giving each other an intimate massage to cleanse and prepare for the release of body and mind pain.

Then we will follow by “laying or standing on the bed of nails” and assisting each other in the process and to be ready to download new data of wisdom and knowledge you both may carry within your everyday life.Heart dance and love ritual will be the last part of our retreat most of the information is just inside the ceremonial space to be shared.

📞 For more Questions and reservations please contact us at +31687727472 ✉️ Or email us at

Sincerely, Hilotmaharlikan.


  • Couple Relationship Retreat.

    Including snacks and tea.

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